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Numerous materials support engraving such as marble, wood, granite, leather, various fabrics and even plastics. Using a laser to engrave into these different substrates allows you to make many unique products in a multitude of different materials.

The CO2 laser which we use has the ability to cut shapes out of various materials to use in manufacturing. Such materials can include rubber, plastic, wood, acrylic and clothing fabric. Products and kits can easily be manufactured in bulk with laser technology.

Some materials are a little harder to etch on. These materials include steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and other metal substrates. With the use of a special laser paint, we can still etch onto these materials with a result of a very hard and slightly raised etching that is difficult to remove.

Welcome to Light Point Laser, where our motto is "We Etch It"!
We can engrave on most materials, or substrates, such as Wood & Metal, Glass & Plastic, Stone, Tile & Brick, and many man-made or natural fabrics like cotton, leather or even vinyl.

Our business is focused on helping individuals, businesses, or hobby related clubs and associations with thier etching and cutting needs. Groups that can benefit from our services include woodturning clubs, quilting guilds, woodworking organiztions, stamping and scrapbooking groups, graphic designers, hobbyists, and many others...

What kinds of services can we provide for your group?
Collage of Engraving Projects
    Woodworking Organizations
    • Kits for projects
    • Membership nametags
    • Signature stamps for finished pieces
    Quilting & Textile Guilds
    • Quilt block applique kits
    • Custom Quilting Rulers
    • Signature tags for completed projects
    Stamping & Scrapbooking
    • Stencils
    • Custom stamps
    • Applique patterns and designs
    • Custom Awards
    • Specialty Signs
    • Custom Labels
    • Nameplates for Desks
    Graphics Designers and Hobbyists
    • Customization of MP3 Players & Laptops
    • Advertising of skills and services
These are only some of the posibilities. We strive to take your vision and make it reality! Please contact us to assist you with your needs.

Be sure to look thru our gallery to see examples of the work we have done.

Our motto is "We Engrave It". If you have something you need engraved and its not on our site, contact us and we will be happy to discuss your needs with you.

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