Engraving into various materials and substrates...

Engraving by laser has earned it's own place in our world today. There are so many things on that we pass by on a daily basis that have something to do with laser engraving. Many of the products in our own homes have probably been made by lasers.

This probably has to do with the fact that just about anything can be laser engraved. What kinds of things you ask? Honestly, the sky is the limit. Laptops, IPods and IPhones make up some of the most common use items that people are starting to engrave into. Then of course there are things such as name tags, signs, artwork and drink coasters.

The areas of our lives that are affected by lasers are as endless as the products we can engrave on. Are you into sewing? Some of the kits you buy in the store may be cut out using lasers as it is quicker and more precise, especially in large volumes, than doing them by hand. Perhaps you are a model railroader? Some of the interesting little houses and buildings that make up elaborate basement train stations are cut out, and possibly event textured by laser. How about Radio Control Aircraft enthusiasts? Many of the parts and pieces are cut out by laser for the various type of airplanes people are building and flying. Do you get into doing scrapbooking and rubber stamping? Many of the stencils and stamps are created by laser. Even quilters and tattoists are using laser cut stencils for the production of their art.

The most common materials to engrave on include acrylic, aluminum, balsawood, basswood, cardboard, chipboard, Corian, Delrin, fiberglass, laminate, latex, Masonite, Malamine, matte boards, MDF, museum boards, metals, polyurethane foam, fabric runners, Polyester Mylar, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyurethane, paper, rubber, Silicone, stainless steel, steel, Teflon, wood and many others.

Cutting shapes, patterns and kits....

Cutting with a laser popular area as well. The CO2 laser we have will easily cut Wood, plastic, rubber, acrylic, foam, fabric, cardboard and paper. Mixing cutting and engraving has the effect of quick production of end products as a laser will make a very clean cut that does not need to be sanded or treated.

Some products produced with laser cutting can include those interesting 3d Puzzles, or even turning your favorite photograph into a 2d puzzle. What about those interesting dinosaur kits you see in discovery stores and museums? Those are all done with laser. Radio Control Airplanes are another are that has been significantly affected by lasers as it is one of the quickest ways to create a kit.

The service of being able to cut things quickly and effectively, such as specialty automotive gaskets, custom scrapbooking, stamps is in demand. Chances are if you can imagine it, we can cut it.

Etching onto metals using laser paints...

While there are some limitations to what we can engrave into, the creation of laserable paints has added another realm of possibilities to lower wattage lasers. By brushing or spraying a special laser paint onto metal, then using the laser to etch the paint, we not have the ability to make a very durable and long lasting imprint onto many different metallic substrates.

The possibilites by using this laserable paint are nearly as endless as engraving or cutting tend to be. Silverware can be etched with logos, nameplates for machinery, artistic designs, and even personalizion of unique gifts such as swords or goblets.

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